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Being sad is a natural emotion which is as natural as being happy. But, being sad in love breaks a person, leaves them hurt and abandoned. Once you fall in love, you will never be the same. Love can make you weak; Love can even make you stronger. In simple words, Love is more than words. We have lined up few Popular Sad Whatsapp Status Video who is missing their love, who have been hurt and want to apologize.

The worst feeling is not being lonely; it is when someone special so close leaves you without reason. Day and night you feel their absence and you will also realize you were pushed away by the person for who you were always there. Letting go is part and parcel of life and in no time, a person who was once everything will suddenly become a stranger, a no one in your life leaving you shattered.

The whole world will accompany you when you happy, but abandons you when it comes to sadness. It is only during a small fight, a misunderstanding or separation does one know the value of love and how sad it is to be alone. Popular Sad Whatsapp Status Video quotes will heal and help you overcome the sadness.