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The best way to express your pain when hurt is through words. WhatsApp Status Video Sad Quotes is a collection of quotes for the heart broken.

While in love, partners get used to everything from what makes a person happy to what makes them angry. It can be really difficult to deal with silence, ignorance and arrogance from a person you love. You either end up getting hurt or hurt them instead. At times, you even feel it’s better to be alone so that no one dares hurt you. If you are heart broken and wait for time to heal, then time really doesn’t heal the heart, it eases out the pain gradually.

People tend to walk out of relationships leaving all the memories you once shared and it’s not love when people use you when they need and then put you aside as though you don’t exist for them anymore. Sad love quotes are needed by every person in his/her journey of life because everybody faces such a situation in his/her life which breaks him wholly and at that time of life a person is required some comforting words or some pieces of advice which allows him/her to stay calm.